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GDPR, and what it means for you, as a user
Hello all!

Although we are not a company, or registered organization, we still want to clarify a few things, regarding the GDPR., registers some informations about you as a user.

When you are using our voice-services;

While using our TeamSpeak or Mumble services, we log your IP-address, and unique identifier (TS3/Mumble Identity). This is only used in order for us, to exclude users that are making trouble.
Only Lead Admins and above, will have access to this information, and only very limited through the TeamSpeak Client.

The data we gather, is stored for 24 months, but can be deleted upon request (Send an email to deleteme @ (You can't request your TeamSpeak UID to be deleted, as this is neccesary for the server to function - And cannot be used to identify you as a person).

When you are using our Forum;

If you use our forum, without creating an account, no identifying information is collected. We gather information about how many pagehits we get, but we do not make use of any analytics tools (Eg. Google Analytics).

All information about pagevisits are stored in pure visitor numbers only, without any personal identifiers. This data is stored for 24 Months, and cannot be requested to be deleted.

If you register an account, some information is needed Eg. Username, E-mail and a password. All other information is optional. If you want to know exactly what information the forum stores on you, simply ask us, and we will send a complete dump of your data. Remember you can always ask us, to permanently delete your account and all associated data.

When using our regular site (You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.);

Out landingpage/presentation page, does not log anything at all. No pagevisit-numbers are logged, and apache/nginx logs are purged after 3 months.

To explain;
Nginx and Apache (The webserver software we use), will log every time you access a file from our webserver. This information include your IP-address, a timestamp of when you accessed it, and the filename you tried to access.
This information is ONLY used, if we need to investigate cyber attacks towards our platform.

It is very important for us, that you (the user) knows who, how and when we log and access this information!
If your data is accessed explicitly, we will do whatever in our powers to inform you about it! Mind that we do not have most of our users email-adresses or alike - We simply don't need it!

If you have any questions regarding how we store data, how its used or alike - Do not hesitate to contact us!
We are not lawyers, and we cannot afford a big legal team, but we do everything we can to minimize what data we have on our users, and are constantly working to change our systems in a way, that less and less information is required to use our services.

Thank you, Staff

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