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As of recent events with spammers/flooders and ddos attacks coming from's network, we have decided to block their connections.

This is due to Blazingfast not being interested in solving this abuse.

In addition to blacklisting their network, we have temporarily told all admins to issue permanent bans to all users caught spamming/flooding (Eg. Flood-joining channels, posting spam links, quickly disconnect/reconnect and such). Bans set during this period can be appealed in this forum, unless the ban states its non-appealable.

If you were banned, TeamSpeak will tell you the reason why when you get disconnected. Please include this reason when appealing.
Were you using a VPN provider that utilizes Blazingfast's network? We are very sorry. We encourage all Blazingfast customers to contact their customer service. We won't unblock them till they start responding to abuse contact emails.

// DFiNE
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