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TeamSpeak Server Rules
Our TeamSpeak server is public, and used by many different people. Thus we have a set of rules we expect all users to read and understand.
Please read them carefully, as we assume that everyone using our service comply to these.

The main rules are as follows;
  • Dont portrait yourself as an admin - All admins will have their rank displayed next to their name.
  • Dont use nudes as avatar - We have users of all ages.
  • If using the gaming and/or talking rooms, don't join a populated room unless invited.
  • Racism/Nazism or otherwise hateful or discriminating behavior is not tolerated.
  • No advertising, promoting or similar of any kind is allowed.
  • Only 1 channel per person! - You are able to change name, password and description on your channel, there is no need to create extras.
  • Bots, automated scripts etc. is not allowed anywhere on the server, unless provided by services (or without prior consent from Staff)

Channel names and user nicknames
  • No hateful or discriminating nicknames and or channelnames are allowed
  • No nudity in channel description.

You can do whatever you feel like in your own channel. We don't care what you talk about, or what you may write in the channel-chat.
But everything that is visible to other people, like avatars, channelnames, nicknames & channel descriptions must be kept neutral.

We have people from all over the world, with different backgrounds, ages and tolerance. Please keep this in mind, when using our service.

Areas/Regions listed below, will not be able to connect to our voice-services.




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